Hassler and related genealogy
Guide to the Collection
Compiled by Don Hassler (DH), and started by Earl Hassler (DH father)
Online format organized by Nori Muster (DH stepdaughter)

Hassler line: arrival in America*
Johann Michael Hassler - born in Switzerland c. 1720, died in Pennsylvania, 1774.*

Thomas Hassler, DH g-grandfather*
Robert Hassler, Thomas Hassler's half brother, DH great uncle*

Damon "Bud" Hassler, son of Robert Hassler, DH father's cousin*
Maybelle Hassler, wife of Damon*
Jasper Hassler, son of Thomas Hassler, DH grandfather*
Arzetta Ward Hassler, wife of Jasper, DH grandmother*
Earl Hassler, son of Jasper Hassler, DH father*
Frances Howland Hassler, wife of Earl Hassler, DH mother*
Raymond Hassler, brother of Earl Hassler, DH uncle*

1900s to 2000s
Don Hassler - memories*

Hassler Family Genealogy Library
Overview and Beginnings in America

Chronicles of the Hassler, Howland, Mercer and Ward Families in America - Hassler family complete genealogy, including dates and names. DH compiled and added to this chronicle his father, Earl Hassler, started in 1932, 391 pages. This is the primary family genealogy book.

Hassler Family History - Earl Hassler's description of the first Hasslers to come to America, before the Declaration of Independence.

Johann Michael Hassler - descendants of the first Hassler immigrant, Johann Michael Hassler.

Interesting Ancestors
(approximate chronological order)

Daniel Hassler - DH g-g-g-grandfather, born in Pennsylvania in 1791. Fought in the war of 1812.

Thomas Hassler - DH g-grandfather. This is a summary of Thomas Hassler's experiences in the service during the Civil War. He fought on both sides, the South (as a captive), escaped, and then the North. DH obtained this document from US military archives.

Jasper Hassler - DH grandfather Jasper Hassler, born on a farm in SE Missouri, was a math professor in Oklahoma. He wrote secondary math textbooks for public schools in Oklahoma that went into use in the 1930s. This document is a memoir in the form of a letter, written by Jasper Hassler in 1973.

Robert Hassler - DH great uncle Robert Hassler, grew up in SE Missouri, half brother of DH grandfather Jasper Hassler. This document includes diary entries and correspondence. It was discovered by granddaughter of Robert Hassler (DH's cousin).

Raymond Hassler - DH wrote his memories in a letter to Ray Hassler (DH uncle) on Ray's ninetieth birthday.

Damon "Bud" Hassler - excerpts from a book about DH first cousin once removed, father's half cousin, a musician from St. Louis, lived later years in Los Angeles.

Maybelle Hassler - autobiographical notes by Maybelle Hassler, Damon's wife.

Related Families

Mercer Family History - DH mother's mother's family. The family had settled in Illinois, but after losing their house in a fire in 1827, they moved to Pennsylvania to start over.

Howland Family History - DH mother's father's family. DH g-grandfather Howland documents the family genealogy in Southern Illinois.

Memories by Don Hassler

Memoir - DH memories of growing up, childhood through college, 15 pp.

Interview with Don Hassler - We recorded this interview with Don Hassler in 2011 with the help of a flock of young film students. Don talks about his life in music, including his years at Capitol Records. Also in the video, Paula Hassler.

My Visit with Les Paul - DH memories of meeting Les Paul, the famous musician in the early days, five years before he went to work at Capitol.

US Army Reserve Service - DH summary of service as a CWO bandmaster in the US Army Reserve, 1948-1965.

My Adventures with Bozo the Clown DH memoir of doing promotion for Bozo at Capitol Records.

AT&T and the Hassler Family - DH notes on the Hassler family's connection with AT&T. DH's father and uncle worked for AT&T in the early days. DH's g-grandmother sold her farm in 1923 and invested all the money in AT&T.

Glenn Cliffe Bainum - DH memories of nationally respected musician, college band director who had a big influence on DH's music career.

"Memories of a Good Musician and a Great Pal" Cousin Don Martin's tribute to Don Hassler, 2013. Click here for a searchable pdf.