Here's the latest photo of Phoenix the Cat, who lives with Bill and Melissa and pretty much runs the show at their house. Phoenix was abandoned in N Phoenix when Melissa found him. It was love at first sight. Phoenix now has a baby "sister", Onassis, a pretty little Siamese.

Bill Muster has recently stopped working for TechCraft Inc., makers of big screen TV/audio stands and accessories with headquarters in Montreal, and is spending most time catching up on personal items and also doing a complete rewrite on his book, “Being The Ball”. Melissa, is a baseball nut---and a BIG D-Backs fan! Melissa works at the AZ Diamondbacks ticket office during the baseball season.

We got a neat pic of Bill and Melissa at a recent Travel Writer's convention.

For all the current info about Billy, and current photos, go to his website. Just click on this link: BEINGTHEBALL

And here's a great photo from the Denison IA Country Club course where Bill learned to play golf (and gamble!!) from his Grandmother---BILL and MOM

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