We have been pretty busy with writing activities for Paula and music performances for Don. We had a great one-week visit to Don's sister, Barbara, in July and cousin Don Martin and Donna Theodore at their Palm Desert pad, Casa Theo-Mar, right on the fairway of the Palm Desert Golf Club. Paula also managed to get to the Runge Reunion in Spearfish and also to Iowa City to see Brownie(Miriam) and brother Dick. The biggest activity of the year 2012 was our seven day Hassler Family Vacation to Poipu Beach in Kauai. We had 21 kids, grandkids and 2 great-grandkids at a 5-house compound about one block from Brennecke Beach. It was a wonderful reunion and we think all had a great time. They went surfing, ATV riding and did plenty of partying. Kids came from as far away as Raleigh NC, by six DIFFERENT airports!! See elsewhere on this website for dozens of great photos take by some of us. Remember, many of them are PROS at this so the pictures are GREAT!!! Here's our latest photo for you.

Photo by Nate Hassler

Please Click here for great shot of the 2011 Denison Reunion in Phoenix at the home of John and Mary Jo Courtney.

You may get a kick out of this photo, taken by Erin Coe, from the 40th Anniversary party. It's a dove release.

Nori has done a ton of work on Don's years at Capitol Records in the 1950s. She also has stuff about Bill Muster and other folks who worked there. For all that info just: CLICK HERE.

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