Click here for Richard and Gail celebrating a visit to Tempe. They still live near Cortland OH in a semirural area that Rick calls the "Hassler Swamp". Well, it turns out that the water table is about 2" below ground___and they have a nice pond on the 14 acre property. Turns out they may be living right on top of the Utica Shale "oil patch". Can anyone say "fracking"??

Heather has moved to Raleigh NC AND---ta-da--- the big news is her baby daughter, Makenna Beatrice Hassler-Harrington, born June 8, 2008. Here is a photo of Makenna

And here is Heather with the baby!!! And this one is Andy & Sara Kale having fun.

Good news!! For everyone who wants to see more about Richard, Gail, Sara and Heather, they now have a website. Just click on this link, Prof. Hassler's page and browse away.

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