The Portland Oregon Hasslers are plenty busy. You can get a whole series of photos from Tom or Trisha's webpages---links below. Or if you would like to see a good one, just press this link,

This is a photo of Nathan and Jessica taken at Don & Paula's 40th Anniversary Party in September 2010.

Nate has moved to Venice CA, near LA. He is now working as a writer/photographer, partly for “Modified” auto magazine. He continues to have a strong interest in graphics, art and film production and may pretty soon be a 100% free-lancer. Tom and Trisha have re-settled into their studio/loft in the downtown Portland "Pearl District". Most of their work now is creative personal art as you will find in the links below.

Jessie is traveling in the northwest for Macy's as a district marketing exec. Her work keeps her plenty busy and on the road. We have met her fiancee, Johnny Duncan, and they have marriage plans for February 22, 2013. More info will be forthcoming as we hear. Here's Nate the Pirate.

This link goes to the company website,!! There are many examples of their work on it. Both of them are selling their personal artwork now. Or try Trisha's website for her latest work, including the museum shows in all over the state.

Here's another link to Tom's website for his professional photo art. This one has LOTS of graphics, so it may be a bit slow if you don't have broadband.

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