Jennifer and Ashley are still living in the N San Diego/Riverside County area, near Temecula and Moreno Valley. Mindi has a new place in Carlsbad and the girls are on their own. Jennifer is working as an apartment manager in a large development. Ashley and Matt Shepard were married in Mar 2007. Here is a great shot of Mindi and Jenn. And another of Jenn and Ken from Puerta Vallarta.

Matt and Ashley moved in to their new house on October 1, 2009. When a bunch of us were all together in Carlsbad CA, May 2010, I took this picture of Mindi, Nate, Ashley, Matt, plus D & P.

Here's a photo of Mindi and Jennifer also from the Carlsbad visit. Mindi is now a Counselor for Jenny Craig, working in the Carlsbad office. It's a great job with a national company and plenty of chances for advancement. She'll be working days and some weekend shifts. Benefits are great.

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